molde balaustre
molde balaustre
stampo balaustra
stampo balaustra
Baluster Form
Baluster Form
baluster mal
baluster mal
baluster mold
baluster mold
molde bala˙stre
molde bala˙stre
mold baluster

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moule balustremoule Ó balustremoule pour balustre


Make yourselves your balusters concrete mold for balusters !

price 69 $
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molds balusters balusters molds

Dimensions= 5.90 x 5.90 x 23.62 inches

example mold balusters

In a very high resistance to abrasion, mold balusters stand beyond 300 uses. Without talented sculptor or mason, you will perform in a jiffy all railings of your home. It is sufficient to obtain a pasty mixture, containing 60% white cement and 40% ordinary sand, water and insert after filling a rebar 6 m / m. The release will be a breeze, it will only take a few seconds. Finally, assemble the handrail and the balusters with a cement glue or silicone exterior for the building.

Grease the mold

moule balustre

moulage de balustre

coffrage pour balustre


moules pour balustres

moules Ó balustre


Moule pour balustrade

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1994 First prize inventors in Bourges (France)

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